Helping companies run and grow better by improving operations

Helping companies run and grow better by improving operations

Operations are
the shoulders //on which
the whole organization

Make your organization more
efficient and maximize your

  • Strategy and execution
  • Culture
  • Employee experience
  • Customer experience


  • Maximum efficiency // minimum waste
  • Maximum focus and achieved results
  • Sustainable growth: revenue // net income
  • Increased eNPS and NPS
  • Energetic and inspirational environment
  • Be in control via metrics
  • Accurate forecasting and predictability
  • Reduce time to market
  • Fast onboarding (customers + employees)


Do you want to know // what is the current status of your operations?

Health check will provide you with an analysis and prioritized actions for your organization to execute, in order to achieve operational excelness and remove waste


Let’s start!

Full hands-on execution of any of the projects identified earlier or during Health Check, with the objective to take your organization to the next level


Nurture the expertise in-house

Grow the expertise inside your organization with coaching while executing

About us

Our mission is to help companies run and grow better by improving operations

The reason is simple, as a founder, you start your company and you want to grow fast and you have a lot of ideas: setting the proper foundation sounds like a total waste of time, because who knows what will happen and there are so many fires... It is only natural. Problem comes later, when foundation is weak and the whole house is trembling just when you need it to be as stable as possible to grow.

betterOps is here to help companies create (startups), strengthen (scaleups) or adjust (corporates) their foundation via transformative change.

Meet Andrea

With empathy as a guiding light and authenticity as a core value, I see myself as a very resilient professional with a strong focus on people and on execution. I am passionate about operational excellence, always looking for ways to increase efficiency and streamline operations via transformative changes at an organizational level.

I have decided to start betterOps because I would like to make a difference in the people who work in and with all the organizations around us, by improving the way they operate.